Written Second Opinion 

(Medical Report for Health Care)

What is written Second Opinion?

Vanni VERONESI MD provides the written Second Opinion which is mainly dedicated to patients residing abroad.

You can get a comprehensive written Second Opinion from Vanni VERONESI MD without having to leave your home country. 

There are no telephone or video contacts.

The Second Opinion will relate to pathologies of neurosurgical relevance.

Your written Second Opinion will be ready in 2 weeks.  

Your report will be sent to you in English.

Limits and advantages of the written Second Opinion

In this pandemic period of COVID-19, it was decided to activate the written Second Opinion service.
The service is aimed at patients residing abroad and for Italian patients, coming from Italian regions far from the outpatient clinic of the "Per gli Infermi" Hospital in Faenza (RA) in Emilia-Romagna - Italy, to avoid the risks of travel and limitations to travel.
This Second Opinion service can serve in particular as a screening to identify patients who may indicate to undergo a neurosurgical visit to evaluate the possibility of surgical therapy, especially for infrequent pathologies.

It must be borne in mind that in most cases, the data obtained from the outpatient medical examination are those that complete the evaluation of the clinical case and allow to express conclusive diagnostic and therapeutic opinions. During the outpatient neurosurgical visit, the need for diagnostic completion with appropriate tests may be found. After undergoing the required examinations, the patient can choose whether to return to a subsequent outpatient visit to the "Per gli Infermi" Hospital in Faenza (RA) or send the reports and images of the required examinations by mail or via the internet.

Written Second Opinion fee

1900 € (plus 2 € stamp duty)

Terms and Conditions

  • Vanni VERONESI MD provides the written Second Opinion which is mainly dedicated to patients residing abroad.
  • The following terms and conditions should be carefully read.
  • By sending your request, you agree to our prices and terms and conditions described below.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Vanni VERONESI MD. We highly encourage you to review them regularly as you must comply with any changes made to the terms and conditions up to the day you request a second opinion.  

Stored Information and Transmission

When you request a Second Opinion, you consent that your medical reports / radiological images will be stored in the Vanni VERONESI MD information system. You agree that your second-opinion report will be e-mailed to you. You are aware of the risks of unsecured e-mail communication.

Personal Data

Be aware that any personal information provided on your online form, per e-mail or by mail will be used to respond to your inquiry. This information will be confidentially stored on the personal computer of Vanni VERONESI MD. It will not be transferred to a third party unless requested by you or required by law.  


The service provided through the Second Opinion of Vanni VERONESI MD differs from the diagnostic services offered by a physician on-site.
When the physician gives a Second Opinion, they will not be privy to some information that would usually be gained through an on-site examination of your physical condition.
This limitation may impact the physician’s opinion of your diagnosis.
Thus our physician’s recommendations will be shared with your local physician to minimize potential risks to your health.
When agreeing to use our service, you acknowledge this limitation and agree to assume the associated risk.
Consequently, you are aware that a requested Second Opinion is provided based on the medical records you provide us with, and you agree that the Vanni VERONESI MD bears no responsibility for the quality and content of these external documents.  
When receiving a Second Opinion, you herewith consent that:
·     Your involvement in the Second Opinion will be carried out in writing;
·     The Second Opinion will be based on the medical reports / radiological images provide;
·     The Second Opinion is informative and does not aim to replace a full medical evaluation or an on-site visit with a physician;
·     The Second Opinion does not provide relevant information usually obtained during an out-patient examination, thereby limiting the diagnosis of a condition, disease, or injury;
·     The recommendations resulting from a second opinion will be provided to your referring physician.
This agreement is subject to the law of Italy.

COMPLEX Category - Price 1.900 €
evaluation of Medical History, medical reports, medical records, and clinical symptoms questionnaire and neuroradiological images.

It allows me to be able to provide indications on the basis of a lot of information, including previous diagnoses and interpretations of neuroradiological tests. There are no limits to the number of tests (MRI, CT, and X-ray), which, however, must be connected to the current clinical situation.

If then I suggest other neuroradiological tests, these always fall into the COMPLEX second opinion.



1. Fill in the request form. You will then receive invoice and instructions on how to send the exam images. Attach your current medical reports required for the evaluation of the images (in Italian or English).
2. Make sure that the radiological images sent are no older than 6 months.  If the symptoms have not changed and remained constant, instrumental tests (MRI, CT and X-ray) can be considered valid and evaluated if performed up to 6 months before the request for a second opinion. If symptoms have changed, new updated tests are required.
3. The Second Opinion will be ready within two weeks.
4. Image transfer is possible:
or with the free WE TRANSFER internet program;
or by sending us your CDs to the following address:
Ospedale "Per gli Infermi," Faenza (RA), Vanni VERONESI, Neurochirurgia
Viale Stradone, 9 – Postal Code 48018, Faenza (RA), Italy
5. If you have further questions and send additional documents for evaluation after receiving the Second Opinion, our medical center may charge you for these extra services based on the category of Second Opinion.
6. Your report will be sent to you in English.
7. Provide payment for the service ordered in advance.

List of data to be included in the message in the box below for requesting a Second Opinion

  • Patient's Name/Surname.
  • Gender: Female, Male.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Telephone number.
  • E-mail.
  • Country and city of residency.
  • Current diagnosis.
  • Current medical condition/complaints.
  • Current medication.