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Below you can read abstracts of the scientific papers published by us in international journals of neurosurgery, "OPERATIVE NEUROSURGERY" and "PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY" (NOT OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL), describing FOR THE FIRST TIME:

- The minimally invasive surgery under local anaesthesia of section of the filum terminale externum for the treatment of tethered cord;

- The innovative diagnostic-surgical protocol which involves the association between prone lumbar magnetic resonance and the minimally invasive surgery with the section of the filum terminale externum under local anaesthesia for the treatment of the occult tethered cord.

See the dedicated pages within the website to associate the tethered cord or occult tethered cord with the low lying cerebellar tonsils (LLCT) or the Chiari malformation.

INNOVATIVE Minimal Incision Microsurgery (MIMS) SURGICAL TECHNIQUE DESCRIBED FOR THE FIRST TIME and published on the prestigious American international scientific journal "operative neurosurgery"


Minimal Incision Microsurgery (MIMS) surgical technique to filum terminale externum sectioning is performed in local anesthesia by means of a small skin incision of about 4 centimeters.

This surgical technique has been performed by us since 2010, we have operated around 200 Italian patients, 10 patients residing abroad including 3 on the American continent.

For more information visit the dedicated pages on this website EXTRAORDINARY SURGERY: FILUM TERMINALE EXTERNUM SECTIONING IN LOCAL ANESTHESIA.

and minimally invasive
under local anaesthesia in

In 2020 were published in the scientific journal Pediatric Neurosurgery our innovative protocol. It involves the association between lumbar MRI in the prone position and minimally invasive surgery of the filum terminale extradural (externum) section under local anaesthesia.

We described this protocol for the first time in the international medical scientific literature. 

The patients operated with this protocol are generally adult patients, and to date, they are over 200, the 4 adolescent patients operated on have been the subject of the aforementioned scientific work. 
In adult patients, the occult tethered cord can present itself as the only pathology or association with the presence of the tonsils slightly descended cerebellar, 0-4 mm (LLCT), or Chiari malformation.


We are a team of neurosurgeons who has treated degenerative spine diseases with classic surgery and minimally invasive surgery since 2007. Traumatic, tumor and entrapment pathologies of the peripheral nervous system. 

The innovative minimally invasive surgical treatment of the pathology of the tethered cord and occulto tethered cord, pure or in association with Chiari malformation type I (Veronesi MD).

 The innovative surgical treatment of "nerve transfer" in quadriplegic patients to resume the use of the hands (Sacco MD)


To book a neurosurgical visit with Dr. Veronesi you can call 800 00 44 88, but this number is not active outside Italy.
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It is possible to have a written second opinion, see dedicated web page.

In addition to interventions with
the National Health System, at Faenza hospital, surgeries are carried out in free profession with cost to be paid by the patient or his insurance, the reservation for this type of hospitalization regime cannot enter institutional waiting lists.


To read patient reviews on the Qsalute website treated at the "Lugo Hospital" (RA) (the previous site of our surgical activity) click on the following link:https://www.qsalute.it/neurochirurgia-ospedale-lugo/ (in Italian).

To read patient reviews  on the Qsalute website in the "Faenza Hospital" page click on the following link:https://www.qsalute.it/ospedale-di-faenza/ (in Italian).

To read patient reviews on the Qsalute website of patients treated in "Neurosurgery - Faenza Hospital", click on the box below (in Italian).

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